Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tel Aviv Judges Orders $1.8 Mil. Seizure of PA Assets for Terror Victim Family

This won't make up for the family's loss, the fact that an organization legally held responsible for murder will continue to go about its merry way or the $800 million Obama will be sending the Palestinians, but its a good start.
Bereaved family gets seizure order against PA
Relatives of terror victims convince judge to issue NIS 7 million seizure order against Palestinian Authority
Vered Luvich
Published: 05.05.09, 16:52 / Israel News
A temporary seizure order for NIS 7 million (roughly 1.8$) was issued Tuesday by the Tel Aviv District Court against the Palestinian Authority. The order aims to ensure the payment of future compensation in a lawsuit filed by the relatives of Sharon and Yaniv Ben-Shalom, who were murdered in a shooting attack on the Modi'in-Jerusalem Highway in August 2001.

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